Arkansas truck stop owner joins fuel protest

| 5/28/2008

The owner of an Arkansas truck stop has stopped pumping diesel and gas, saying he’s protesting prices along with truckers. Don Shamsie’s Blackwell Truck Stop is on Interstate 40 about 30 miles north of Little Rock.

“We felt we needed to take a stand,” Shamsie told “Land Line Now.” “We know that the independent truckers out there are barely making it; they’re struggling to survive. A lot of them cannot park their trucks because they’ve got to get their revenue going.”

Shamsie added: “We’ve taken a stand to stop selling fuel to see if we can get the attention of the politicians who we felt have sold Americans out.”

Shamsie said he thinks most politicians are in the pocket of the oil companies that contribute to their campaigns.

As for how he’ll survive without pumping fuel, Shamsie pointed out that at the price he’s been paying for fuel and for credit card transactions he wasn’t making money anyway.

– Staff Writer Reed Black contributed to this report.