OOIDA member joins U.S. representative to speak out about fuel costs

| 5/27/2008

Trucker Rob McCune of Topeka, KS, took the opportunity to speak out about the high cost of fuel on Tuesday, May 27, when U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda gave him the chance to join her for a media event.

Boyda, a Kansas Democrat, discussed her recent work on Capitol Hill, including her support of a bill to stop the diversion of crude to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and another bill designed to hold oil producers accountable for price fixing.

“Congress has to stand up to big oil,” Boyda said during the press conference at Mike’s IGA grocery store. “I don’t think we have a free market. There is not enough oversight.”

The press conference included a grocer, a farmer and a trucker to demonstrate that our entire economy is being hit by the increasing cost of fuel.

As an OOIDA member and the owner of the Frontier Trucking, McCune told the media at the event that he is painfully aware of the current fuel crisis and its potential impact on the entire country. He said he used to pay $2,500 per week for fuel, but now is paying $6,400 per week – and running fewer trucks.

“It’s wiped me out,” he said. “I had 10 trucks; now I have five.”

Boyda and the other speakers Tuesday pointed to the rising cost of food as one example of how fuel costs along the supply lines affect every single consumer in the United States.

The cost of groceries has gone up about 6 percent in the past year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The cost of many staple foods is rising even faster. The cost of milk has shot up 15 percent, the cost of flour is up 18 percent, and the cost of eggs 31 percent.