Diesel jumps another 16.6 cents to average $4.497 nationwide

| 5/19/2008

Record-high fuel prices have left many truckers wondering when or if they are going to see a drop in fuel price any time soon. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a 16.6-cent increase this past week, raising the national average to $4.497 per gallon for diesel on Monday, May 19.

The price for a gallon of diesel has risen more than $1.694 from the same time period last year.

All nine regions are reporting increases of at least 14.7 cents a gallon, with the New England region reporting the lowest increase of all the regions. This still puts the cost per gallon for fuel at $4.610, the third-highest price reported in all of the regions.

California is reporting the highest increase – 19 cents – to put the cost for a gallon of diesel at $4.737, an increase of more than $1.782 from last year’s amount.

The second highest increase of 17.5 cents was reported in the Gulf Coast region, which is averaging around $4.45 a gallon, while the price has gone up 16.6 cents a gallon in the Rocky Mountain region to average $4.446 a gallon for diesel.

The Central Atlantic and the Midwest regions are both showing increases of 16.4 cents a gallon this past week – costing on average $4.685 a gallon in the Central Atlantic and $4.469 in the Midwest regions.

The Lower Atlantic region is reporting an increase of 16.3 cents a gallon to average $4.485. The price for fuel has gone up 15.3 cents in the West Coast region to average $4.620, the second-highest average reported in all nine regions.