2008 twisters may set record

| 5/15/2008

This year may end up being a record-setter in terms of the numbers of tornadoes reported.

Tornadoes killed 23 people and injured hundreds throughout communities in the central and southeastern United States over this past weekend.

Reuters reported that the unofficial count is at 665 twisters – a reported 66 tornadoes this past weekend alone. About 100 people have died in U.S. twisters so far this year.

The National Weather Service said 130 people died in U.S. tornadoes in 1998, the eighth-deadliest year since 1950. The highest number of tornado-related deaths came in 1953, when 519 people died.

“I've noticed a disturbing trend that storms can happen more abruptly,” veteran storm chaser Jim Reed told ABC News. “Storms are more frequent. They are larger.”

And tornado season isn’t over yet. Peak activity is between March and May.