More fuel surcharge legislation introduced

| 5/12/2008

Another bill seeking to mandate that 100 percent of fuel surcharges collected on loads be passed through to the person buying the fuel has been introduced in Congress.

Rep. John Barrow, D-GA, introduced the “Fairness in Trucking Transactions Act” in House of Representatives on Friday, May 9. The bill – HR5997 – has been referred to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The bill seeks to mandate that any middleman who either provides or arranges the movement of a load but doesn’t actually pay for the fuel it uses, pass 100 percent of any fuel surcharge collected on to the trucker or motor carrier who pays for the fuel.

Barrow’s legislation seeks to mandate penalties for those middlemen who do not pass along surcharges. The bill seeks to mandate penalties up to three times the amount of damages which would be paid to the U.S. government. Additional penalties equal to three times the damages plus attorneys fees would be payable to the trucker or motor carrier denied the surcharge.