British Columbia considers truck jail, Rocky Mountain doubles

| 5/8/2008

In British Columbia, Canada, the Transportation Ministry is considering setting up a so-called truck jail similar to the one Ontario has had since 1998.

Trucks found to be grossly unsafe could be impounded for up to 30 days. A truck with “several brakes broken, in combination with bad tires, in combination with bad steering,” would be a suitable candidate for jail, Paul Landry, president of the British Columbia Trucking Association, told the Times Colonist newspaper.

Truck News reported that the province is also considering allowing wider use of so-called “Rocky Mountain doubles,” which proponents say can cut fuel consumption by 30 percent.

In other Canadian trucking news, the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association in New Brunswick is calling for a provincial tax cut of at least 40 cents per gallon (10 cents Canadian per liter) on diesel fuel.

Diesel has been selling for around $5.60 per gallon ($1.40 Canadian per liter) in the province.