Log trucker optimistic about TRUCC Act following DC protest

| 4/29/2008

One of the organizers of a truck convoy to Washington, DC, said there is optimism that a fuel surcharge bill in Congress will be passed into law.

After circling the Capitol building on Monday, April 28 in protest of high fuel prices, Maine logging trucker Larry Sidelinger and others met with Sen. Olympia Snowe, who sponsored the bill.

Dubbed the “Trust in Reliable Understanding of Consumer Costs Act,” the bill is backed by OOIDA and would ensure that fuel surcharges go to the trucker and not to a middleman. Sidelinger said Snowe seemed confident about the bill’s passage.

“Well, I think overall it went pretty well,” Sidelinger told Reed Black on “Land Line Now.”

“We had a lot of support and people coming out and what not, but the main thing is, at least for the Maine delegation, we had made arrangements with our federal delegation, Senators Snowe and Collins,” he said.

Sidelinger said many of the truckers rallied on the Capitol steps, but he and other Maine truckers met with Snowe and Collins individually.

“I think we all came out of there with a pretty good feeling that we got something accomplished,” Sidelinger said.

He also said that Snowe indicated she has plans to strengthen the language of the TRUCC Act bill.

“This transparency bill (the TRUCC Act) – we talked with her a bit about that,” Sidelinger said. “I think she is going to put some more meat and potatoes to that and make it a much more pass-through clarity.

“I think it was a pretty productive day. I think the constituents in the other parts of the country need to do what we did, which is get on board with their politicians and their legislators and get them on board with the program here.”

Staff Writer Reed Black contributed to this report.