CARB unveils $7.7 million plan to build, improve hydrogen-fuel stations

| 4/23/2008

More than 200 hydrogen-powered vehicles are running down California roads and highways, refilling at some of the state’s 24 working hydrogen stations.

The Governator, however, wants more hydrogen power.

The California Air Resources Board wants to hand out $7.7 million to support Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hydrogen Highway initiative, which includes the creation of a hydrogen refueling network. The funds will be directed to build new hydrogen stations and improve existing stations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas

Hydrogen fuel cells can be produced from biogases, biomass, water, wind and sun.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce 50 percent less greenhouse gases than the average gas-powered four-wheeler, a CARB news release stated.

“We are shifting California’s economy to clean energy, and hydrogen plays an important role,” CARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols said, according to the release. “We have burgeoning technologies that use hydrogen to power vehicles and in the future could provide electricity for homes. The increased use of hydrogen in the transportation sector would diversify California’s energy sources and reduce harmful smog-forming and climate-changing emissions.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer