Border-based trucking company fined by California

| 4/18/2008

An international trucking business with terminals on both sides of the California-Mexico border will pay an administrative fine for failing to comply with California emission rules.

Cal-Mex International Broker Inc. has agreed to pay the California Attorney General’s office $50,000 after a California Air Resources Board investigation showed the company didn’t properly self-inspect its 20-plus truck fleet for excess diesel emissions.

A news release from CARB stated that it had offered to settle the violations for $30,000, but the trucking company rejected that offer.

Trucking companies that operate in California are required to comply with the state’s Periodic Smoke Inspection Program and the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program, among other emission regulations.

“Ultimately (trucking company operators) need to understand that the cost of compliance is typically far less than the cost of a serious citation,” CARB Chairman Mary Nichols said.