Houston considers congestion pricing plan

| 4/8/2008

In the wake of the failure of New York City’s congestion pricing plan, Houston is considering one of its own. Houston is not only the largest city in Texas, but the fourth largest city in the U.S.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the Harris County Commissioners Court began debating on Tuesday, April 8, over whether or not to impose congestion pricing when four toll lanes open on the rebuilt Katy Freeway in October.

The Katy Freeway runs 40 miles from the central business district of Houston west to the Brazos River. The freeway has been undergoing a reconstruction project since 2003.

The project is a joint venture of Harris County, the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Texas Department of Transportation. The three entities agreed to joint operation of the toll lanes when they open.

According to The Chronicle, the agreement does not require peak hour pricing. That decision, yet unannounced, is up to the county commissioners.