Cattle hauler calling for April 1 shutdown

| 3/28/2008

There are a lot of different dates bouncing around for a shutdown by truckers to protest fuel prices. But most of the mainstream media is going with April 1 – the date that a Carrollton, MO, cattle hauler is publicizing.

The trucker is Dan Little, who said his business has gone from three trucks down to one that’s still on the road.

Specific details on the activities planned for April 1 are sketchy, with Internet blogs and forums showing conflicting reports. Little himself has posted comments that seem to indicate that he is organizing not a one-day shutdown but a strike of indefinite length.

In a widely distributed e-mail, Little wrote, “From that time on (April 1) we will no longer accept any loads at ANY price until such time as our FED Gov admits and puts into action a plan that will give all O/Os some help.”

However, Little told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio on Wednesday, March 26, “I’m calling for a one-day shutdown to get the attention of our leaders that we elected and sent to Washington to represent us … to get their attention.”

“Now granted, I know there are some owner-operators out there who are going out of business because of bad management. But you’re not going to convince me that every owner-operator out there is going out of business because of bad management. It doesn’t happen.”

Staff Writers Reed Black and David Tanner contributed to this report.