Loggers plan Friday demonstration at Maine Capitol

| 3/25/2008

A group of logging truckers in Maine are planning a protest rally Friday, March 28, in front of the state Capitol in Augusta.

The centerpiece of their demonstration will be the five trucks that banks are repossessing from log trucker Donald Hayden of Harmony, Maine.

Hayden said he’ll hang signs on the trucks and that he’ll encourage truckers who attend the rally to talk to any TV or newspaper reporters who show up.

“Go up and speak to them. Say what’s on your mind,” Hayden told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio.

“That’s the only way we’re going to get across that the fuel prices are way too high and oil prices for people – like I said, the elderly people and everything – are way too high. It just can’t keep going like this.

“I just hope that everybody would come and join in, you know. Say something. Let people know what’s going on.”

Hayden said all five of the trucks that are being repossessed are 2006 models.

He said his company, which was running those trucks, is now in bankruptcy, but that he still has three or four older trucks that he plans to use to haul logs.