Dallas gets rid of red-light cameras

| 3/24/2008

In Dallas, city officials have shut down one-fourth of all the red-light cameras they’ve installed.

MSNBC reported that the council took action because the cameras weren’t generating enough in fines. As motorists become aware of the red-light intersections, they become more cautious and run fewer lights.

Basically, the cameras work so well that they cost local governments too much money in lost traffic tickets.

In Dallas, some cameras weren’t even paying for themselves.

City officials in Charlotte and Fayetteville, NC, recently turned off all of their red-light cameras, concluding that a state law diverting much of the revenue they generate in fines to schools meant their general funds were actually losing money, NBC affiliate WNCN of Raleigh reported.

So much for the argument that red-light cameras are only installed to improve safety.