Diesel averaging above or near $3 in 18 states

| 7/17/2007

Diesel prices averaged above $3 per gallon in eight states on Tuesday, July 17, 2007, while several other states closed in on the mark.

ProMiles reported that California had the highest average price of $3.148 per gallon, 3 cents higher than the next in line, Nevada.

Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin all averaged above the $3 mark for on-highway diesel consisting of ultra-low sulfur diesel and remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies.

Not far behind were states such as Kansas, Rhode Island and Vermont, where diesel prices averaged above $2.99 per gallon.

Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia all averaged higher than $2.97 per gallon, with the majority of states heading skyward.

The cheapest average price in the nation belonged to Oregon at $2.657 per gallon.