Activist group plans to sue over red-light cameras

| 7/17/2007

A Florida activist group claims that red-light cameras used by Orange County to photograph and ticket drivers are unconstitutional.

According to a statement on its Web site, the Florida Civil Rights Association has asked the cities of Apopka and Orlando, as well as Orange County, to stop using the cameras.

In addition, it says if the government doesn’t stop, a class-action suit is not out of the question.

The group cited a court ruling in Minnesota earlier this year, which stated that the cameras violated the due process rights of registered vehicle owners.

The Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the cameras – which snap photos of red-light runners, then automatically send tickets to the vehicles’ owners – do not allow the accused the right to face their accusers in court.

The court said the main flaw of such systems is that they assume the registered owner of the vehicle is at fault.