State auditor employee charged with bribery

| 7/13/2007

A former employee of the Massachusetts State Auditor’s office has been charged with taking bribes to reinstate suspended drivers licenses.

According to The Boston Globe, Lawrence Trapasso was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday.

The allegations came to light earlier this year, when a lawyer for a man who had been convicted of vehicular manslaughter produced documents showing that his client had paid Trapasso nearly $15,000 in an attempt to get his license back.

The man in question, Keith Doucette, lost his license in 1998 after pleading guilty in a drunken driving case in which one man was killed and the man’s wife and children were injured. Doucette served four years in prison and was placed on probation and was banned from driving until 2009.

However, after giving money to Trapasso, Doucette says he was told it was OK for him to drive again.

The state attorney general said two other people bribed Trapasso, though only one is known to have gotten their license back.