Connecticut raises diesel taxes 11 cents to 37 cents per gallon

| 7/11/2007

Truck drivers in Connecticut began paying an extra 11 cents per gallon for diesel fuel July 1.

The Connecticut General Assembly authorized the tax increase during the 2007 session, increasing the tax on diesel fuel from 26 cents to 37 cents per gallon.

Connecticut also increased the gross earnings tax rate from 6.3 percent to 7 percent, which doesn’t apply to on-highway diesel but rather to diesel used in the production of electricity, according to a state government Web site.

Around the same time as the tax rates increased, state government officials were clamoring to pass a budget and phase out a 4-cent gross-receipts tax. During the implementation, some diesel users were paying up to 41 cents per gallon in taxes, The Hartford Courant reported.

The tax on gasoline in Connecticut remained at 25 cents per gallon, while natural gas and propane are taxed at 26 cents.