Trucker disarms alleged killer

| 7/3/2007

A trucker who stopped at an Arby’s fast food restaurant in Salt Lake City to get a sandwich last week ended up disarming an alleged killer.

According to The Associated Press, escaped inmate Curtis Allgier, who had a swastika tattooed on his forehead, ran into the Arby’s after a police chase and tried to shoot an employee – but his gun jammed.

Police say the gun belonged to an officer who Allgier had just shot and killed.

Trucker Eric Fullerton jumped over a counter and wrestled the weapon away from Allgier, who cut him on the throat with a knife.

Fullerton wasn’t seriously hurt, and seconds later, police burst in and found Allgiers hiding in an office.

Fullerton is quoted as saying, “I just wanted to get a sandwich. I didn’t go in there for my morning workout.”