Diesel prices drop six-tenths of a cent

| 7/2/2007

National average diesel prices remained steady heading into the Fourth of July holiday.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel dropped six-tenths of a cent to $2.829 for the week ending Monday, July 2, 2007.

The average price of ultra-low sulfur diesel fell a half cent from $2.847 to $2.842 for the week, while remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies dropped seven-tenths of a cent from an average of $2.786 to $2.779.

By region, ULSD prices remained within 1.2 cents of the previous week’s averages.

The Gulf Coast region retained the cheapest average ULSD price at $2.770 per gallon, down 1.2 cents from $2.782.

The California region ULSD continued to have the highest average price at $3.067 per gallon, down six-tenths of a cent from $3.073.

The West Coast region had an average price of $2.982 for ULSD, down 1.1 cents.

ULSD in the Lower Atlantic region averaged $2.786, down 1.1 cents from $2.797, while the Central Atlantic reported a slight average increase of one-tenth of a cent to $2.914 per gallon.

The New England region averaged a penny less at $2.930 for ULSD, and the East Coast region saw a decrease of half a cent from $2.846 to $2.841.

The Midwest region averaged a slight decrease of one-tenth of a cent to $2.819, and the Rocky Mountain region averaged an increase of one-tenth of a cent to $2.942 for ULSD.

The national price a year ago for on-highway diesel – both ULSD and low-sulfur diesel – was $2.898, an average of 6.9 cents lower than the EIA’s current report.