Canada first to report Roadcheck stats

| 6/28/2007

Officials in Canada say public safety officers conducted 7,275 commercial-vehicle inspections during CVSA Roadcheck 2007, placing 1,324 trucks and 291 drivers out-of-service for violations.

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administration reported that inspectors in all 10 provinces and two territories sidelined 18.6 percent of trucks and 3.9 percent of drivers for violations during the annual blitz June 5-7.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts the annual Roadcheck in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Officers in Ontario inspected the most trucks – 2,862 – and placed the most trucks out of service with 524, or 18.3 percent.

Percentage-wise, Alberta had the highest rate of violation with 138 trucks, or 29.9 percent, and 37 drivers, or 8 percent, placed OOS during 462 inspections.

Trucks may be sidelined for a multitude of reasons, including faulty turn signals, tire wear or load securement. Once violations are resolved they are checked again prior to the truck getting back on the road.

CVSA issues decals to inspected trucks. Generally, according to the Motor Transport Administration, inspectors target trucks that do not have CVSA inspection decals. Inspectors issued 8,681 new stickers during Roadcheck in Canada.

Drivers may be placed out of service for issues such as logbook violations, and hours-of-service or documentation problems, including licensing.

Quebec had the fewest driver violations – just 0.2 percent – with two drivers placed out of service during 1,092 inspections. Quebec officers placed 16.8 percent of trucks out of service.

Nationally in 2006, Canadian inspectors placed 20.3 percent of trucks out of service and sidelined 3.8 percent of drivers during 7,384 total inspections.

Click here to read the Canadian report and view a breakdown of inspection numbers by province.

Overall U.S. and Mexican statistics were not yet available, but a number of states have made their numbers public.

– By David Tanner, staff writer