Long Beach port truckers plan convoy ‘demonstration’

| 6/26/2007

A group of independent truckers who haul in and out of the Port of Long Beach plans to put a convoy of 100 trucks or more on the Harbor Freeway during morning rush hour on Wednesday, June 27.

According to the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the truckers’ so-called demonstration is to show support for a plan to make them employees of trucking companies, which would provide newer-model tractors for them to drive.

To combat pollution, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have announced plans to only allow company drivers in newer-model, less-polluting trucks to operate at the ports, beginning later this summer.

If the independent truckers do become company employees, they will become legally eligible to join the Teamsters.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reports that other trucking interests may seek a court injunction to stop the plan, fearing that it will be adopted at all U.S. ports and could lead to higher costs for new equipment and the expense of paying union wages.