New Texas law gives small business more say

| 6/26/2007

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill into law intended to aid small businesses in the state, including trucking operations.

The new law, previously HB3430, requires state agencies to prepare an economic impact statement about the small businesses affected by proposed state regulations. It also requires a regulatory flexibility analysis that includes an agency’s consideration of less burdensome ways of achieving the rule’s purpose.

The public will have access to the information.

Supporters say the new rule is a significant step toward fairness for all small businesses that make up 98.7 percent of businesses in the state. Those businesses employ 47.4 percent of the state’s private workforce.

“The new law is a win-win for small businesses and good government,” a spokesman for the National Federation of Independent Business/Texas said in a written statement. “Small businesses are important engines in our Texas economy and they are the first to feel the pinch of one-size-fits-all regulations.”