Police release name of Canadian trucker ‘hero’

| 6/20/2007

Police investigators in Ontario, Canada, say they agree with eyewitnesses who described a tanker-truck driver who died in a recent traffic wreck as a “hero.”

The trucker – identified as David Virgoe of Stroud, Ontario – died Monday when he apparently deliberately steered his rig off the shoulder of Highway 400 north of Toronto.

Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Cam Woolley, who was one of the investigators at the scene, told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio the highway was full of traffic at the time, and that Virgoe’s truck was hit by one of several cars that were allegedly street racing.

“Just judging by the physical evidence and the tire marks, it appears the driver – who was hit hard at high speed on the steering axle by one of the suspect vehicle – was able to momentarily regain control of the rig and steer away from other vehicles that had been struck and knocked into the path of the rig,” Woolley said.
Two suspects are presently in police custody facing charges of dangerous driving that causes death.

David Virgoe leaves behind a wife and three children.

– By Reed Black, staff writer