Good Samaritan trucker shielded crashed motorcyclist

| 6/18/2007

Roberto Gauna saw the motorcycle crash into a car in front of him, slam into a traffic barrier, roll back into the northbound lanes and come to a halt on Interstate 45 in Houston on May 25.

According to media reports, Gauna slammed on his brakes and swung the back end of his cement truck across two lanes of traffic, preventing motorcyclist Jeff Blessing from being hit.

“I just reacted,” Gauna told the Houston Chronicle.

But Blessing didn’t buy it.

“It’s not that you should have done what you did, it’s that you did it,” Blessing told Gauna when the two met again on Wednesday, June 13, according to the Chronicle.

The meeting was the first time Blessing could thank Gauna, who left the wreck scene shortly after paramedics arrived to treat Blessing.

Blessing sought not only to thank Gauna, but also announced plans to collect donations for the man that Dorothy Blessing, Jeff’s wife, called brave and courageous.

The Chronicle reported that Gauna began trying to clear traffic so ambulances could make their way to Blessing when he saw Blessing sitting up and taking his helmet off.

“I said, ‘Jeff, God is with you,’ ” Gauna told Blessing during their meeting. “You said, ‘He’s always with me.’ ”