Residents claim boycott of expressway is working

| 6/18/2007

Residents of Montgomery, AL, are claiming their boycott regarding increased tolls on a bridge there is working.

The group told the Montgomery Register the boycott – which began in March after the owners of the Emerald Mountain toll bridge decided to raise the rates – has caused a 50-percent reduction in traffic along the Emerald Mountain Expressway.

Alinda Capital, which owns the toll bridge, raised the rates in March from $2 to $3 for commercial trucks, and from $1 to $1.50 for non-commercial vehicles.

The protesters told the Register a spot check done by volunteers counted 498 and 502 cars using the bridge on two recent work days, respectively. That’s down from an average of about 1,000 cars using the bridge each day prior to the toll increase.

Debbie Hough, a spokeswoman for the protesters, told the Register her group plans to continue doing traffic counts this week to further gauge the effects of the boycott.