OOIDA to give small business truckers’ perspective on idling

| 5/9/2007

OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz has been asked to give the trucking industry’s perspective on idling at this year’s Tri-State Idle Reduction Conference in Illinois.

The presentation, titled “Idle Less, Save More,” is scheduled for Thursday, May 10, at the conference in Willowbrook, IL.

Rajkovacz said many small-business truckers – approximately 75 percent – do not have any anti-idling technology equipment on their trucks, according to a 2006 member profile survey by the OOIDA Foundation.

“It’s not that small-business truckers don’t want this technology – it’s a cost issue for them,” he said. “There needs to be more assistance programs for owner-operators, such as low-interest loans, grants or self-sustaining programs to help truckers purchase anti-idling equipment.”

According to the survey, approximately 35 percent of OOIDA members who responded said they planned to purchase anti-idling equipment in the future, but Rajkovacz said cost plays a big factor in small-business truckers’ ability to purchase expensive anti-idling technology.

“The big fleets have more of an advantage because they have newer equipment that is already compliant with 2004 emissions standards, while the average year of a truck owned by an OOIDA member is 2000 or older,” Rajkovacz said.

Rajkovacz said he was asked to present at this year’s conference because of his involvement with the Wisconsin Diesel Idle Reduction Grant Program, which netted more than $250,000 for small-business truck owners with fleets of 50 or fewer trucks to purchase anti-idling technologies in 2006, including $141,000 for OOIDA members.

Of the more than 4.5 million commercial trucks on the highways, more than 95 percent are controlled by entities with 20 or fewer trucks, according to statistics provided by the American Transportation Research Institute.

For more information about the idle reduction conference on May 10, click here or here.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer