Former trucker now a sister

| 5/9/2007

People leave the trucking industry to pursue a lot of different careers, but not many can say they drove a Freightliner and then a Mack up and down the east coast for a year before becoming a Catholic nun.

But that’s the resume of Sister Mary Annette Gailey, who’s now a campus minister at Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in Philadelphia.

Gailey explained to “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio how she happened to get into trucking.

“I was interested in it because as a child … my father worked for Mack Trucks,” Gailey said. “I was always impressed by them, and I always wanted to drive one.”

The sister said trucking was the vehicle – no pun intended – that led her into the sisterhood.

“The path for a religious life was started with trucking,” Gailey said. “On the road, drivers are alone a good bit of the time, and the Holy Spirit was my companion. So, I had plenty of solitude to listen to what God might be saying to my heart, and I did listen.”

– By Reed Black, staff writer