Tanker fire collapses highway

| 4/30/2007

Investigators say it appears a tanker truck driver was exceeding the 50 mph speed limit when his rig crashed and exploded into flames on an approach to the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA, early Sunday.

The resulting fire – fueled by 8,600 gallons of gasoline – caused an overhead ramp to collapse and cut off access from the bridge to eastbound Interstate 580.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the trucker barely made it out alive before the explosion.

The man – 51-year-old James Mosqueda of Woodland, CA, was driving for Sabek Transportation of San Francisco. He suffered second-degree burns on his face, neck and hands.

Mosqueda managed to walk a mile and a half and hail a taxi to take him to a hospital after the incident occurred.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman told the Chronicle that Mosqueda has a clean driving record with no history of drug or alcohol problems, and that he had done volunteer work for a Christian ministry that helps troubled teenagers in the past.