Schwarzenegger to take on EPA over emissions

| 4/26/2007

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Wednesday that he plans to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because of its refusal to allow California to implement its latest emissions-reduction law.

The Clean Air Act allows states to pass their own air pollution laws, but they must first get a waiver from the EPA.

California submitted its waiver request back in 2005 – but Schwarzenegger says the federal government is moving much too slow.

In a press release, Schwarzenegger said that “if the federal government once again fails to act, we have an obligation to take legal action.”

The governor sent a notice of intent to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson. The notice is required at least six months before any legal action is taken.

In addition to being stalled at the federal level, California’s emissions law has also been challenged by auto makers, who have filed their own legal action to stop the law from being implemented.