Border patrol captures $3 million in loot after Mexican officials reject rig

| 4/19/2007

U.S. customs officers first became suspicious when they saw large areas on a trailer that had been covered with masking tape. When they opened the trailer – which was headed north from Mexico on April 5 – they found out why.

The 40-foot trailer was full of wedding dresses.

The dresses – which were on their way to Los Angeles to raise money for the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation – were in a vehicle that was stolen in November 2006 in Scottsdale, AZ, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement press release.

Officers later removed the masking tape which revealed “Making Memories” script on the trailer. The news release stated that the truck’s driver was taken into custody as Scottsdale Police and ICE continue investigating the theft case.

The stolen wedding dresses made national headlines this past winter and led to donations to the organization, which grants dying wishes to breast cancer patients, the release stated.

Fran Hansen, co-founder and national director of Making Memories, told authorities that the find made her “feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams,” according to the news release.

“I’ve been praying for that moment for the past several months,” Hansen told ICE.