Werner deletes infamous rural route from system

| 4/18/2007

A driver for Werner Enterprises Inc. survived after his rig got stuck in rural Oregon this week. His truck, however, didn’t fare as well.

The driver – Ricky Johnson, 44 – was heading west from Interstate 5 to Brookings, OR, when his tractor-trailer got stuck on winding Bear Camp Road, according to KOBI-TV. The news station reported that the driver’s tires began spinning as he tried to accelerate the truck free, causing the tires to catch fire and eventually destroy the trailer and back of the truck.

Bear Camp Road made national headlines last year when the Kim family became lost and trapped on a nearby unpaved side road. The incident resulted in the death of father and husband James Kim, who left his family in the car to find help after being stranded for nine days.

The road was recently deleted from Werner’s company system, KOBI-TV reported.