Finally: Washington’s ‘stuck truck’ reaches its destination

| 4/16/2007

The state of Washington’s notoriously stuck truck finally made it to its destination early Saturday morning.

The rig, which was 200 feet long and weighed 375,000 pounds, delivered its payload – a 100-ton steel and neoprene bridge deck expansion joint for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Washington Department of Transportation spokeswoman Kelly Stowe told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio she was there when the truck rolled in.

“I was standing right there when it pulled in. You hear about how big it is and you see the pictures of how big it is, but until you’re right up next to it, it’s mind-blowing,” Stowe said. “There were people from all over taking pictures, just stopping by, because they knew it was on its way. Everybody was pretty impressed with it.”

The load was the first of two deck expansion joints that will be placed at opposite ends of the new bridge to allow the structure to move without breaking the road surface.

Stowe said the other joint is currently in South Dakota and will be moved to the Washington state border by Big Boat Movers of Zavalla, TX – the same trucking company that hauled the first joint until its truck was prevented from driving on Washington highways.

At the border, Big Boat will again hand off the load to Omega-Morgan, the Tacoma, WA-based company that ended up hauling the first expansion joint across the state.

– By Reed Black, staff writer