Despite payload size, Washington’s ‘stuck truck’ making good time

| 4/12/2007

The super-heavy truck that’s hauling a bridge expansion joint across Washington state is making pretty good time, all things considered.

The 375,000-pound, 200-foot-long rig left the Spokane, WA, area Wednesday morning, creeping along at 12 to 15 mph.

Washington DOT spokeswoman Kelly Stowe told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio the truck is making good progress, without causing too many traffic difficulties.

“So far, things are going well. It traveled 165 miles yesterday and last night,” Stowe said Thursday morning, April 12. “It is using the shoulder and one lane, so that’s allowing traffic to get by it.”

Stowe said Omega-Morgan, the Tacoma, WA-based trucking company that’s hauling the expansion joint, was hoping the truck would make it over the 3,000-foot Snoqualmie Pass by late Thursday.

Omega-Morgan is the second trucking company to handle the load. The first truck – which was owned by Big Boat Movers out of Zavalla, TX – was stopped at the Idaho-Washington border for two weeks, and then couldn’t be re-configured to continue the trip.

Omega Morgan took over from there with a different truck, which features eight tires instead of four on its axles.

– By Reed Black, staff writer