Washington’s ‘stuck truck’ finally on the road again

| 4/11/2007

The overweight load that’s been stuck at or near the Washington state border is finally unstuck – and is actually heading down the highway.

The 200-foot-long rig – which has 18 heavy-duty axles – weighed in at 375,000 pounds. It’s the second truck to attempt to move the 100-ton steel and neoprene expansion joint for the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Washington DOT spokesman Al Gilson told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that shortly before noon Wednesday morning, the very big rig pulled onto the highway.

Gilson said the truck has three drivers, three pilot cars, a Highway Patrol escort and a “pusher truck” than can help push up hills and provide extra braking.

With any luck, Gilson said the rig will make it to the Tacoma Narrows in about five or six days.

The first truck that carried the expansion joint – which was owned by Big Boat Movers out of Zavalla, TX – was stopped at the border for two weeks, and then couldn’t be re-configured to continue the trip.

Omega Morgan, a Washington state-based trucking firm, took over from there with a different truck, which features eight tires instead of four on its axles.

– By Reed Black, staff writer