Terrorism permanent, Ridge says

| 10/22/2003

For the foreseeable future, the United States will face some enemy eager to terrorize Americans where they live, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Monday, as reported by The Associated Press. 

While the primary threat today comes from al Qaida, other terrorist organizations around the globe can be expected to spring up and threaten the United States, Ridge said. That means his Cabinet-level department won't disappear for a long time, he added.

"It is a permanent condition with which we have to deal, that is, global terrorism. To deal with that permanent condition for the future, we had to permanently restructure government," he said during a visit to Duke University.

Ridge earlier addressed a conference on leadership attended by business leaders on the challenges to running an agency with 180,000 employees. The Homeland Security Department opened in March after the largest government reorganization since World War II.