Diesel prices heading north again

| 10/7/2003

The average national price of diesel fuel increased this week to $1.445 from the previous average of $1.429 – reversing a five-week decline, according to figures released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The highest prices in the nation are in California, at $1.602 a gallon; and on the West Coast, where the average price is $1.551.

Other average prices: the Central Atlantic region, where the price is $1.546; in the Rocky Mountain region, where the price is $1.484; and in New England, where the price is $1.558.

The lowest average prices are on the Gulf Coast, at $1.388; and in the Lower Atlantic region, at $1.391.

The remaining regions' prices per gallon are as follows: the Midwest, at $1.435; and the East Coast, where the price is $1.444.