Higher Oregon truck fees, taxes take effect Jan. 1

| 10/3/2003

Oregon truckers are among those affected by a $2.5 billion transportation-funding plan signed into law this summer by Gov. Ted Kulongoski and which goes into effect the first of the year.

Most of the revenue HB2041 is expected to raise over 10 years comes from bonds repaid from higher vehicle registration and title fees, higher permit and license fees on motorists and higher weight-mile taxes on truckers.

About $1.6 billion is scheduled to go toward repairing or replacing 480 bridges on the state’s major highways. The rest of the money is earmarked for cities, counties and the state for road projects.

Under the new law, commercial truck registration fees will increase about 53 percent starting Jan. 1. The new fees, for example, on an 80,000-pound rig will jump from $320 per year to $490. Title fees will nearly double from $30 to $55. Weight-mile taxes will climb about 10 percent putting the tax rate at 13.16 cents per mile.

HB2041 also allows truckers to claim a tax credit in 2005 for buying cleaner engines. Truckers would be reimbursed from $400 to $925 for each engine bought during calendar years 2004 through 2007.