Cows take to the waves as new invention carries them to Mexico

| 10/2/2003

The U.S. ban on trucks carrying Canadian cattle has stopped bovine border crossings between the two nations. But thanks to the ingenuity of one Canadian, it hasn’t stopped cows from the Great White North from heading South of the Border.

Canadian inventor Larry Jewett has created the “cowtainer,” a shipping transport container that he says will allow live cattle to travel by ship from Canada to Mexico without using U.S. roads, The Canadian Press reported.

On the exterior, a “cowtainer” looks like an ordinary intermodal freight container.

But inside, it’s luxury on the hoof. Each “cowtainer” can carry up to 23 cattle comfortably, with hay lofts, ventilation and even small barns with windows.

The Canada-Mexico connection isn’t the only place the special containers have been used. The Associated Press reported recently that “cowtainers” supplied by Jewett’s company, Ocean Livestock, were used for the first shipment of American cattle to Cuba in decades.