Snoozers losers in the Sunflower State

| 10/1/2003

Kansas has a growing problem with drowsy drivers on its roads, The Associated Press reported recently.

The problem was the listed cause of 850 traffic accidents in the state in 2001, according to information released by the Kansas Department of Transportation. However, according to KDOT spokesman David Greiser, those numbers understate the size of the problem.

"It's impossible to attribute drowsy driving as the direct cause of most wrecks," he told the news service. "The only way is if the driver tells us, and that seldom happens."

Greiser told Land Line that the study did not identify drowsiness as being a problem with any particular segment of drivers on the road, but in all drivers in general.

“A lot of people who drive may become drowsy and not even be aware of it because we’re not recognizing the symptoms,” he said.