Wyoming troopers: Drivers not moving over

| 9/22/2003

Wyoming officials say many drivers are largely ignoring a 2-year-old law to protect police and other emergency personnel during roadside stops.

“I’d be willing to bet every stop we make somebody violates this law,” Patrol Sgt. Steve Townsend said in a recent statement.

The “Move Over” law – which went into effect July 1, 2001 – requires drivers to merge into the furthest lane away from an emergency vehicle parked by the road with its lights flashing. On two-lane highways, drivers are required to slow down to 20 mph below the speed limit before passing the emergency vehicle.

Since the law went into effect, troopers have written nearly 600 citations for violations at $110 a pop. In that time, 21 highway patrol vehicles have been struck while parked with emergency lights flashing.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation has erected signs around the state to remind drivers of the law’s requirements.