Man commits suicide by crashing his SUV into semi

| 9/17/2003

A man died Sept. 15 after he deliberately swerved his SUV into the path of a tractor-trailer in a small town near Orlando, FL, The Associated Press reported.

The AP said Bryan Christopher Randall tried to drown his two youngest children earlier in the day, and then tried to kill his two oldest children while committing suicide Monday.

One child died, but three survived.

Randall picked up all four children Friday night, Sept. 12, for his court-ordered visitation and was scheduled to return the children to his estranged wife, Lisa, Sunday night, according to investigators’ statements to local news agencies.

Police say Randall threw his 2-year-old daughter, Yanna, and 4-year-old son, Regal, into a pond near an office park in Maitland, FL, Sunday morning.

When a fisherman found the children floating in the pond, their identities were unknown. Yanna was dead, but Regal survived and was listed in stable condition Monday at Florida Hospital in Orlando. Authorities learned the children’s identities early Monday morning when Lisa Randall reported to police that her estranged husband had not returned the children from their visit.

Upon discovering the identities of the two children found in the pond, authorities issued an Amber Alert for the two older children and Bryan Randall. News reports say it was about 90 minutes later when Randall crashed his SUV into the tractor-trailer along Interstate 4 in Lake Mary, FL.

The two children in the SUV, Bryan II, 8, Julian, 6, survived the wreck. Bryan was in critical condition Monday evening, while Julian was listed in stable condition.

News reports did not identify the truckdriver, but did say the trucker was hauling cars and was not injured.

Randall’s suicide note was found in the wreckage of his sports utility vehicle. In the letter, Randall wrote he had “made too many mistakes” and could not find a job so he could gain custody of his children in his pending divorce. Addressing the letter to “dearest family and friends,” Randall said he could not bear to allow his wife to raise their children and asked to be cremated with his children.

Randall, 37, was a star basketball player for Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, in 1988.

--by René Tankersley, feature editor

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