Bush asks Supreme Court to rule on Mexican trucks

| 9/12/2003

The Bush administration has asked for the Supreme Court's help in a fight over allowing Mexican trucks and buses on U.S. roadways, The Associated Press reported.

The administration wants to drop a court-ordered environmental study that has delayed the border opening. The $1.8 million study is expected to take a year or more.

President Bush ordered U.S. highways open to Mexican trucks last fall, despite opposition from U.S. labor, consumer and environmental organizations.

The consumer group Public Citizen, the Teamsters and others sued on safety and environmental grounds, and a federal appeals court ruled earlier this year that the government must perform the lengthy study.

The Bush administration has said it will comply with that order, but also filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.

"The court of appeals misapplied the nation's environmental laws and constrained the president's discretion to conduct foreign affairs," Solicitor General Theodore Olson wrote.

The ruling "prevents the president's action form taking effect and thereby hampers commerce," Olson also wrote.