Georgia to spend millions to reduce road congestion

| 9/10/2003

Georgia is preparing to spend millions of dollars on a plan to reduce traffic in the Atlanta area, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Sept. 9. Much of the plan will focus on bus and train lines to reduce the number of cars moving into the state capital from outlying areas.

Included in the projects is an 11-county express bus service and a commuter rail line planned from Atlanta to Macon and Griffin. Part of the plan will be paid for out of general state revenue, but more than $300 million in loans will be backed by motor fuel tax money, the newspaper reported.

According to a release from the governor, other funds will go both to local streets in heavy traffic areas, and to highways throughout the region. Highways included in the plan are state Route 17 in Franklin County; state Route 87 in Bleckley County; state Route 67 in Jenkins County; and state Route 3 and U.S. 19 in Schley County.

About $900 million total will be spent specifically on congestion mitigation projects, the governor’s office said.