Bill to raise tolls in Bay Area passes California Assembly

| 9/10/2003

The California Assembly has voted in favor of a bill that could raise tolls on state-owned bridges in the San Francisco Bay area.

SB916 would increase the base toll for a five-axle truck from its present $8.25 per trip to $9.25 per trip after July 1, 2004. When combined with a $1 surcharge to pay for seismic upgrades that was added several years ago, the total toll paid by truckers now is $9.25, which could increase to $10.25 under the bill.

SB916 would require all the cities and counties within that area, including the city and county of San Francisco, to hold elections on the $1 increase. In addition, the counties would have to list how the extra toll money would be used.

The Assembly voted in favor of the bill Sept. 8, but with an amendment unrelated to the tolls. Although it passed the Senate June 4 by a vote of 23-14, it is being returned to that chamber so the Senate can vote on amendments.