No tolls in Wisconsin, governor says

| 9/8/2003

Wisconsin’s governor has confirmed a longstanding political compact in the state recently when he made it clear that the state would not – “as long as I am governor” – have toll roads, The Journal Times reported.

The subject came up recently when the state’s transportation secretary, Frank Busalacchi, suggested that toll roads might be the answer to the state’s road-funding woes.

Well, kind of suggested. Actually, the newspaper reported, he said the possibility of tolls "shouldn't automatically be discarded."

His comments were related to a report that suggested a toll system help pay for the $810 million Marquette Interchange project in Milwaukee. The tolls, according to a Wisconsin Policy Research Institute study, should range from $2 per car to $10 for a truck.

According to The Journal Times, Gov. James Doyle said: "As long as I am governor, we will not have toll roads in Wisconsin. Like most motorists, when I drive up from Illinois, I am relieved to hit the Wisconsin border and not have to pay any more tolls."