New law increases traffic fines in Oregon

| 9/5/2003

A new Oregon state law went into effect Sept. 1 that increases the state’s maximum fines and base fines for traffic violations by as much as 40 percent, the state Transportation Department reported.

The maximum fine for a Class D traffic violation goes from $77 to $94, up 22 percent. Class D violations include exceeding maximum length, height or width without an over-dimension variance permit.

A Class C violation rises from $109 to $141, up 29 percent. These violations include failing to carry or use tire chains when required.

The fine for a Class B violation went from $175 to $237, up 35 percent. Class B violations include driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL or exceeding CDL restrictions.

Class A violations will increase from $295 to $421, up 43 percent. Common violations include operating without an Oregon weight receipt and tax identifier, operating with an invalid Oregon certificate of permit or operating in excess of a declared weight.

HB2759 amends previous law to change the way a base fine is calculated, making it 50 percent of the maximum fine rather than 40 percent. It also increases by $2 the unitary assessment that is part of the base fine.

Revenue from the increased fines will help restore $27 million worth of previously cut public-safety programs, The Associated Press reported.