Hearing addresses Rep. Janklow’s fatal wreck

| 9/4/2003

Rep. Bill Janklow, R-SD, made his first court appearance since police said he ran a stop sign in his car and collided with a motorcycle, killing the rider, The Associated Press reports.

The rider, Randy Scott of Hardwick, MN, was a 55-year-old Vietnam veteran, farmer, trucking business owner and volunteer firefighter. Janklow hurt his head and right hand and is still recovering.

Janklow's attorneys requested a preliminary hearing, which was set for Sept. 25-26. The hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to bring Janklow to trial.

Janklow was charged Aug. 29 with second-degree manslaughter, reckless driving, speeding and failure to stop. If convicted, he could get up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for second-degree manslaughter and a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for reckless driving.

Meanwhile, the House Ethics Committee will automatically investigate if Janklow is convicted of a felony. Charges alone do not trigger a probe, although the committee can launch one in some cases.

Janklow was on his way home to Brandon, SD, Aug. 16 and was going 71 mph in a 55 mph zone when the 1995 Cadillac he was driving went through an intersection and collided with the Harley-Davidson driven by Scott.