Illinois to study whether I-Pass could catch speeders

| 8/29/2003

Illinois to study whether I-Pass could catch speeders

Electronic toll-payment technology could eventually be used to help catch drivers who speed through tollbooths, The Chicago Sun-Times reported Aug. 29.

The statement, from Illinois State Toll Highway Authority officials, came as the agency and its staff was grieving over the loss of a toll worker killed while on the job. However, toll collector Howard Collier’s death Aug. 28 was caused by neither a speeder nor an I-Pass user. A car whose driver says her brakes failed struck him as he walked between tollbooths, the newspaper reported.

However, toll officials told The Sun-Times that in the wake of the accident, they planned to study whether the toll-collection system could be used to, as the newspaper wrote, “nail trucks and cars that travel through special I-Pass lanes ‘excessively and dangerously’ above the posted limits.”

The speed limit in truck I-Pass lanes is 5 mph.

The toll authority said in a statement that the accident occurred in Lane 8 of the Belvidere Toll Plaza on the Northwest Tollway (I-90) while Collier walking across the eastbound lanes, returning to his booth to end his shift in the early morning hours of the 28th.