San Francisco bridge toll bill clears Assembly committee

| 8/28/2003

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee has voted in favor of a bill that could raise tolls on state-owned bridges in the San Francisco Bay area.

SB916 would increase the base toll for a five-axle truck from its present $8.25 per trip to $9.25 per trip after July 1, 2004. When combined with a $1 surcharge that was added several years ago to pay for seismic upgrades, that brings the total toll paid by truckers now to $9.25, which could increased to $10.25 under the bill.

SB916 would require all the cities and counties within that area, including the city and county of San Francisco, to hold elections on the $1 increase. In addition, the counties would have to list how the extra toll money would be used.

The bill passed the Senate June 4 by a vote of 23-14. Is is now scheduled for a vote before the full Assembly.