The latest hot fashion trend – trucker chic

| 8/27/2003

If you’ve hauled a load to LA recently and suddenly it looks like you ended up in some weird, warped version of a truckstop, just relax … you’re not going crazy.

It’s just the latest fashion trend among the rich and famous – trucker chic, according to USAToday.

From trucker hats to ripped-off sleeves, from big belt buckles to wallets on chains, the upper crust of the entertainment industry is doing its best to emulate the Knights of the Road, the newspaper reported.

The trend has even influenced high-price designers such as Armani.

"This whole trucker madness started hitting late in spring, and it's rolling on and on," Stan Williamson of Maxim told USAToday. "Guys are getting back into cars more than ever, with that sexy fantasy of being a trucker picking up hitchhikers."

While stars are doing their best to look like truckers, no word yet on whether any of them is willing to be paid like one.